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Encountering the Transforming Power and Love of Christ

April 26 @ 6:00 pm April 28 @ 1:00 pm EDT

Facilitated by Constance Bair-Thompson and Adria Gulizia

What might be keeping us from fully experiencing new life in Christ? 

When Jesus proclaims that “the Kingdom of Heaven is within us” and invites us to “be born again,” he is inviting us out of brokenness into wholeness, out of our weakness and fearfulness into His power to transform us and to be embraced by His boundless love.

In this retreat, we will consider a Quaker understanding of how the transforming power of Christ can liberate us from sin — things within each of us that keep us from that new life.  Anger, love of pleasure or control, anxiety, the lingering effects of trauma, self-centeredness and impatience are just some of the things that can prevent us from completely embracing what Christ promises us, both personally and in community.

We will reflect on how the Light of Christ brings us to greater awareness of what keeps us from growing in faith and offers the power to eliminate those obstacles. 

We will use scripture and Friends’ writings to consider how other followers of Christ have experienced His transforming power working in their hearts to bring them into true freedom.

How can we come together in community to be Christ’s instruments in pointing each other to His power to liberate us from those obstacles and the hold they can have over us?

How have we experienced the peace that comes from being liberated from sin in our own walk with the Lord?

Practices will be explored that can help us grow in an active faith in Christ that works by love and joyful obedience that is our birthright as children of God.  We trust that during our time together, Christ will draw us closer to His redeeming power, life, light and love.